What can I do if the products have some problem?

 If the products you received have some problem, please contact your sales, and apply for a return of the products as the following steps:

     Step 1. send an email to agencytaobao to apply for the return
     Step 2. your sales will contact the seller after they received your application and tell you how to return the package if the seller can change the products for us.
      Step 3. Please send your products to agencytaobao, with the original package, invoice and the copy of the email which agencytaobao sent you to confirm for the return.

       Note: For the returned products, please send us before the deadline so that we can change the products for you. Besides, the period for changing the products would take a little bit long, maybe over 1 month, please wait patiently. 
      Go to check the returning detail