How could I know my package have been delivered?

   You can check your order status in your account

a)     Waiting Process

The item has not been purchased yet,(in this status, you can cancel this item if you like.)


b)   Purchasing

Our purchaser is buying this item now. Once the item is purchased, you cannot Cancel it.


c)     On The Ways

Our purchaser has paid and bought the item for you.Seller Is Sending The Item To Us.


d)     Arrived

The items have arrived our Warehouse And There is not any problem after checked.


e)     Refund/Exchange

When we received the items,found it with problem,You have to make a decision For Refund back to seller or exchange correctly one.


f)      submit waybills

you have choose which items want to combined to package together for submit waybills


g)     unavaiable

 1. after you cancel the items or confirmed return back to seller,you would check delete it in your order list.


 2.if we found the items is out of stocks,we will change to be unavaiable status ,then you just click cancel for refund.


Note: 1) If you have any question for the iems,would leave a message on remark boxes when you place a new order,our sales will reply to you immediately .it will display a emal boxes icon on left side of would communicate the subject on it.