will the pckage ask for the tax?

    For your convenience, we will package the products properly to avoid the tax, but we will not clear customs for the package.

     Generally speaking,there is a little probability that package would be taxed, under 0.3%, expect for the commercial package. If your package was taxed, please pay the duty yourself.

     Some suggestions to avoid the duty:
     a. Reducing the weight of the package. Generally, packages which over 10kg will probably be taken as commercial package. If you want to use DHL, you should consider the volum, cause DHL charge the shipping fee by weight or volum weight.
    b. The upper limitation of the package is 20kg on agencytaobao, if your package over 20kg, please send products separately. However, we suggests very package is under 10kg
    c. We suggest you do not use the same parcel to send a large number of the same products