Whats the benefit of combining shipping?

To combine the shipping for several products or serveral packages, you can save many from the shipping fee.


     For example. If the packages weight 0.64kg, 1.01kg and 1.7kg, send by DHL to U.S.A.

                          And the price for DHL is174.4 cny for the first 0.5kg, and 23.3 cny for each 0.5kg added

                         Shipping fee for three packages: (174.4+23.3)+(174.4+23.3*2)+(174.4+23.3*3)=663cny


        The total weight of these three packages are 3.35kg, so if we send them in one bags, the shipping fee would be:

        174.4+23.3*6=314.2cnyMeans you can save 663-314.2=348.8cny)