Shipping Limitation

Delivery Restriction of Liquid, Cream, Food,DVD and Medicine

As the requirement and regulation of customs, the following goods have different restriction. So when you placing your order please pay attention to the restriction, and select the suitable shipping method.

1. Food, liquid,powder,perfume, and gas products can not send by EMSDHLTNT DPEX Happybuy Airline


*In consideration of the delivery period, we do not suggest you to buy foods which is without the vacuum packing and the  guarantee period is less than half a year.

*But if you insist on buying them, please place an new order and take note on it that the guarantee period can be ignored. If not this order will be cancelled.

2.Disk like CD and DVD and not send by DHL TNT Dpex and HAPPYBUY Airline (except for singapore and malaysia)

3. Counterfeit, medecine, battary and electronic products can not send by DHL TNT DPEX and HAPPYBUY Airline

A List for being close inspection or forbidden goods from Australia customs

      Pinecones, nuts, vegetables, flesh and sausage,flowers and dried flower, tree bark, wood, straw products like straw hats, sand, dust and seed.

Besides, for the package in a big volum, please pay attention to the following restriction

(1)  DHL,TNT,DPEX,Happybuy Airline

The shipping fee for the above shippings calculated according to their volum weight, that is to say, when the Volume Weight is more than Actually weight , the shipping fee will calculate with the volume weight, otherwise, it will calculate with the actually Weight

The Volume Weight Of Caculation formula Is As Following:

Volume Weight (kg)=length(cm)*widecm* height(cm)/5000 (for DHL, TNT ,HAPPYBUY Airline to U.S.A., Canada. And Europe)

Volume Weight  (kg)=length(cm)*widecm* height(cm)/6000 (for HAPPYBUY Airline to HK and Macao)

Tips: For the light packages with a big volum, like the teddy bear and toys, or out-of-shape products, the shipping fee will calculate by volume weight

(2) EMS

If the length or height of the package is over 1.4m, then can not ship by ems.


(3) Airmail

IF the volum is over 90cm (length+wide+height>90cm) or the longest one is over 60cm, then the package can not send by Airmail

Tips:If you need the package very urgently, and prefer to send by DHL,TNT or DPEX.We suggest you to send the restriction products by ems or airmail, and the rest of the order send by DHL TNT DPEX or Happybuy Airline