Substituting Delivery

What is Substituting Delivery?

     You Purchased The items of  China’s Shopping Mall By Yourself,Then Sent them to Our Receiveing Address,Happybuy Offer Inspection And Collection Of The Shipping Service.

What Is The Advantage Of Substituting Delivery?

1、You Would Contact Seller By Yourself,Share With Different Favourable Policy of Seller

2、Free Items Service Fee

3、Items Arrival Happybuy after,our staff will offer free inspection service for you


After I Submit An Order With substituting delivery.Please Sent To Following Receiving Address

Receiver: Happybuy
City: 广州市
Address: 黄埔区港湾路181号二楼
Zipcode: 510000
Tel: 020-82284069

*When you are shopping in China, please fill in a unique express number as the correctly basic matching with your parcels.


How To Calculate The Substituting Delivery fee?

Totle Cost = Service Fee + International shipping fee
   1、international shipping fee:according to items totle weight and The Shipping methods of different country to calculate shipping fee and Declaration Fee
   2、service fee = international shipping fee × 5%


How To Submit A Substituting Delivery?

       1.Just Paste Into Url Links Boxes From Purchased Already China's Shopping Mall,Click Button Of "Submit" System Will Crawl Automatic.if system can not crawl item information,please fill in the information by yourself.

       2.Click The Button of "substituting delivery" at the button of pages.fill in the express number that seller offer to you.



      3.You See the red word "substituting delivery",then we know you item is going to sent to us.


     4.after submit the orders, it will change the order status to be on the thansportation ways,you just wait for the item arrival to our warehouse.till you have seen the status arrival


How To Know Order Status after i submit Substituting Delivery?

  a) In Thansportation Ways

  b) Arrival

  c) Refund/Exchange