Service Fee

How does calculate the service charge?


Happybuy will charge our customers 5% of the item's price and domestic delivery fee and international shipping fee.

 Service fee=(items cost+domestic shipping fee+ international shipping fee)*5%


Can I get any discount on service charge?


Yes. if you are advanced member,you would separately enjoy 90% 80% and 70% at basic of service charge 


When should I pay the service fee?


You will be asked to pay service charge together with the international shipping of your parcel. After you get the weight of your parcel and have selected the international shipping method, will automatically calculate the service fee for you. At that point, you will need to pay the shipping costs and service fee, then happybuy will ship your parcel.


How does happybuy charge the storage fee?

All the Happybuy customers can store your items at our warehouse if you don’t want to ship them. you  have 90 days free storage. When your free storage date (we will start to calculate the storage date when your item status changed to “Arrived”) has run out and you still haven’t shipped them, happybuy will start to charge your storage fee. We will charge 0.16 USD per items id, per day. (The arrived orders which after gone 90 days will begin to calculate the storage fee.)


Note: Happybuy storage time limit is 180 days, and during this time, your order status is “storing”; we won’t help you to store if the date is more than 180 days and means that your have given up your items and we will handle them in our way.