Submit Waybills

When do I submit delivery?

When the items reach our company, the purchaser will change the status to “Arrived”. You can select the items you would like to ship together in one parcel and click “Submit delivery”.

How do I submit delivery? 

Please go to “my order”, select the items you want to send in one parcel,And then click “submit delivery”. 



Note: In these Status Of items, you will find out the weight for each of items,

After you have clicked “submit the delivery”, it will show the information, you will see the total parcel weight, and you can single boxes at left side to remove the items from the parcel. 


If you are a new user, please fill in your address and delivery information, after you submit the waybills,shipping address will auto save it on your address books



if you would like to see all of shipping address records to choose which one ,just click the button of "Display all of address"


Note: 1) You can also write something else about your parcel in “special instructions”

         2) Once your address is added, you can't edit it again because we will ship your parcel to your original address. If you edit it, i am afraid you won't receive your parcel.

         3)if you recharge by paypal,the shipping address and country must corresponding with paypal ,otherwise we can not sent out.


Then select the delivery method, Happybuy recommends EMS. It is fast (5-8 days) and cheap (we can give all clients certainly discount off). 


 How the value while happybuy clreance in coustoms?

    The Value of Clearance would request by yourself,just click the button of "i want to decide" then fill in the value and commodity.if you are not familiar with your coustoms clearance ,we will decide for you according to our experience,generally we will fill in small amount of value,that you would avoid pay the taxes and get pass trought of your coustms too.


Notice:if your coustoms request pay the taxes,please complete the respondsibity on your side,that you would receive the parcels successful.


I placed a few orders, can I divide them into several parcels?

Yes, you can. Choose the parcel quantity you want to be package for all of items selected

i would like to packaging good condition for my do i know the packaging material?

you would choose the carton boxes for different Specifications as packing material,there are different addtional weight in your parcel as well. we advise used carton boxes for many of items(special friable),if you choose plastic bags it will not calculate any addtional weight(items is suitable below 2kg parcels for solid or soft or Not easy deformation)



I have coupon,how do i used it ?

   Just Click the button of Use Coupon,then select the coupon code which one would like to deduct service fee.each of waybills only used one times




 What is the meant of different status?

 You Can Click Button of "" To View The Status Of Your Parcels.There are Five Status



a) Waiting

 You Have Submit Waybills For Shipping Methods Of DHL TNT Or DPEX,We Have Calculated The International Shipping Fee Already

      *You Would Click The Button Of "Pay Now" Complete Second Payments Totle Cost For Waybills.

      *You Would Click The Button Of "Delete" To Cancel The Waybills,Because you would like to re-packaging for combined parcels.


b) Processing

 You Have paied the waybills,await for our staff packaging parcels.


c) Delivery

 The item has been shipped. Please get ready to receive it and concentrate the tracking number show on the express official website.



 You have received the goods and signed for it. then login you account given a feedback(get 50 points after evaluate),you have ended this perfect shopping trip!enjoy it!


e) Invalid

 the waybills we consider is incompletly shipping information or can not ship country or area or some of items can not ship in certainly shipping methods.


why there is addtional fee?

(1)you should pay the difference price for domestic shipping if the domestic weight is small than real weight,because while you place an order accept the difference policy

(2)you have accept to took photo as additional fee,while the items arrival to our warehouse,you will see the photo ,just go to "my order" to check it .


Can I add more items into the parcel I just submitted?

Sorry, you cannot. Once you submit delivery, you cannot add other items into this parcel any more. If you want all your items sent in one parcel, you must submit all of them together at the same time.

When will the parcel be sent out after I submit delivery?

Generally speaking, the parcel will be sent out within 2 days after you submit delivery.



What should I do when I receive my parcel?

You should check the contents when you receive your parcel. For example, when you bought some trinkets with other large items together, sometimes we may put the trinkets into some big packing boxes together, so when you strip the package, you should check it carefully and avoid the trinkets will be thrown away with the packing box.