Order Status

You can Click Button Of "". There are 13 different status For Items 


a)Waiting Process

 You have submitted orders successfully and waiting our staff to process them. And you can cancel that order before we check it.



Your orders have already processed, you can not cancel this order now. Our staff will buy your tiems as soon as possible.



We are ordering your items from sellers.



Items have been bought by our staff. Now we are waiting sellers to send that items out or its on the way to our warehouse.



Your items already arrived Happybuy warehouse and we are checking your items.


f)Put In Stock

 After checking, your items are in a good condition. We have updated the information so you can submit a waybill for them now.


g)Submitted Waybills

This items have been submitted for delivery.


h)Out of stock

 Items are out of stock, you can click the “cancel” button to get your money back, as well as the domestic shipping fee.


i)Contacting Seller

Seller is offline these days. Our staff will keep contacting them. If you want to wait it, please click “Await” , otherwise, click “cancel”


j)Information Error

 Information incomplete such as lacking the information for size, color etc.Please click the button “Modify” to add those information.


k)Make Up Balance

 The domestic shipping fee is not enough, or the items has risen the price. Please click the button “pay now” to make it up.



 The order will be failed when the URL address,price are incorrect. Its virtual products, or contraband, etc.


m)With Problem

 The seller sent the wrong items, and it need 5-7days for us to change them. If you can wait them please click the button “Allow To Exchange” , or else click button  “Allow To Return”.


n)Part of Missing

Part of the items are out of stock, please click the button “cancel” to get the refund for the out of stock parts, and then your order status will change into “arrival.”


Note: 1) If you have any question for the items,please leave a message on remark boxes when you place a new order,our sales will reply to you immediately .It will display a emal boxes icon on left side of items.you would communicate the subject on it.