Purchasing Notice

Which websites can we purchase from?


We recommend www.taobao.com which is the biggest shopping platform in China. If you cannot find what you need, we can also help you buy from www.paipai.com, www.eachnet.com, www.dangdang.com, www.amazon.cn etc.

If you are not sure about some other stores, please contact our customer service.


Which products cannot we purchase for you?


We can't purchase animals, plants, large-sized cargos, virtual items, items beyond our purchasing ability and other illegal products. Besides, we reserve the right to reject some illegal and unreasonable requests.


What will we check for you?


For clothing and accessories, we will check size, color, quantity and pattern. For electronic products, we can do some very basic checking, like whether the appearance is in good condition or not, whether it can be powered on and off. We cannot make sure that the inside parts or the software are the same, you are at your own risk.


Why does the store show the goods are in stock, but Happybuy says they are not?


This is because the information about stock on Taobao webpage is not always true.
Listing on Taobao is totally free, and most sellers are individuals, the webpage is not always updated in time. It’s not the same as Ebay. Ebay will charge sellers money, but taobao will not. This is the reason why sometimes you’ll get feedback that the goods are out of stock although the webpage shows they are available.